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Attention Students:

This page is here for you to post comments, share your experience with others and post general questions regarding the LearnWorshipGuitar.com website! If you would like to just share your heart about how the program is working through your spiritual journey…this is the place to do it!

Please feel free to share whats’ on your heart or anything about your worship guitar learning and playing experience.

I look forward to seeing all of your success stories!


Dean Palacio,

Author and Creator LearnWorshipGuitar.com


33 Responses to LearnWorshipGuitar Student Blog

  1. Julie says:

    Success!!! Just had to share with you that I learned the song “Unchanging” today on my guitar and can even transition through the chords fairly well!! Amazing, and sooooooo exciting!

    Thank you so much Dean for this website and your fantastic lessons — I am truly (and quickly) gaining the confidence I need to one day actually provide worship music “live” on my guitar (instead of using cd’s) for my Prison Ministry and other small bible study groups!! I’ve even set a new goal for myself –God willing, that late November will be my “debut” to do this!

    May you and this ministry be richly blessed, as you have certainly blessed others by using your gifts to help us learn worship guitar. I pray the “ripple effect” will greatly glorify God!

    Back to practicing!

  2. Dean says:

    BEWARE – Another Website 8Chords100songs is Falsely and Illegally using Website name:

    It has come to our attention at LearnWorshipGuitar.com that another online worship guitar program is using the “.net” and “.org” at the end of LearnWorshipGuitar to intentionally mislead customers to their website. This is an illegal practice on the web and will be handled and addressed. At this time we wanted to make you aware of such activity and discourage you from doing business with an online company that misrepresents their business name.

    Please note that LearnworshipGuitar.com is in no way affiliated with 8Chords100songs.com website.

    If you have any questions please address the website owner, Eric Roberts directly.

    Thank you,

    Dean Palacio


  3. cheese10000 says:

    i had no clue about that!
    that is so wrong
    i’m glad the Lord led me here and not one of those phoney balonies <== how i spell it

  4. Sk1lZz says:

    Will you be adding “Blessed Be Your Name” to the course? Or is it there and I missed it?

  5. Ramu says:

    Hey Dean:

    Got a question:

    On page # 39 of e-book on Gm Chrod 3rd fret using index finger (finger 1)…what does it mean by movable?

    Can you chose either one of those strings 1 or 6 or you use finger 1 and press on both strings at the same time…pleast let me know.

    It’s been going good so far. Thank you.

    Florence, AL

  6. Ramu says:

    Hey Dean,

    What does is half time?

    You mentioned half-time strummings on the song ‘mighty to save’ in bridging…could you please elaborate on that?

    Also, i found out…

    2/4, 3/4, 6/8 strummings (timings). What is it all about?

    could you show in D (down) U (up) format?

    Thank you.


  7. Sk1lZz says:

    so maybe another request… seems like were missing “Shout to Lord” lol. Just seems like that is a must.

  8. D says:

    Hi Dean,
    Is it possible to add Jesus Lover of My Soul, How deep the Father’s love, and/or Hosanna?

  9. Don says:

    “Tempo Perfect Metronome” free download. Has anyone found the Metronome that will work for Windows 7? I just got a new computer and all the downloads worked accept for that one. If you find it please let me know. Thanks everyone, and I can’t wait to get started.

  10. UpNorthMan says:

    I am very glad that I found your sight and the lessons you have provided. I really enjoy praising God and I can now do that with my guitar and voice. I am not very good yet at guitar but improving a little at a time. It is wonderful to sing praises to God with my 4 year old daughter!

  11. Jon F says:

    Any new updates soon please?

  12. Jeremy says:

    I just finished the free 7 lesson trial and loved it. I am playing along with you as you sing and am now teaching my daughter to play it using your videos. I Just bought my guitar and started playing about a month ago and even though I have never played a lick in my life you have me playing worship in 7 days. I love the music you teach and am looking forward to starting the lessons I just got.

  13. Jim Robinson says:

    I have seen many online guitar courses, but this is Awesome. So straight forward and easy to understand. I will surely recommend this course to all my friends and students. I have never seen a course so easy to use and so concise at the same time. God bless you and sincerely pray that God touches your heart for the work you are doing.

  14. Paul says:

    I just wanted to say that I learned of your web sight through a Member of my church. I am think full for it and people like you. I have tried learning the guitar for about 10yr and could not get it then my son with special needs wanted to learn and I was told about it and with the lords help and yours we are doing fine
    Thanks vary much
    North West Indiana

  15. Dwayne says:

    Hello and Thank You Dean, I used to be
    one of those people who really admired other people who could play instruments and have always wanted to learn but learning seemed so difficult trying to remember all the different cords to play. Thank God I found your site and joined your training course! I was able to play a worship so in just 1 day like you said the learning was fast. My aim is to learn so I can create an environment of worhip in my home and wherever I GO. Thanks in advance

  16. jeana says:

    its too bad that i went online in the past to find all kinds of rock tab for the bass guitar and now that i want to learn some of my church’s worship music i cant find a single place that offers tab music for worship music, christian music or anything along them lines. pretty sad that someone that cant create that but we can have every other type of music in tab.

  17. Margaret Nyaradzo says:

    Surely your lessons are simplified and easy to follow.
    Iam sure you prayed before designig them & God answered.I look forward to play like you in our ladies chuch ministry to start with & have told one of our lady elders in church today.
    I shall continue to pray for you.Please pray for me too.
    In Christ
    Margaret M.X Ireland.

  18. Ross Perry says:

    I have never picked up a guitar seriously my whole life to play any “songs”, just hit the strings a couple of times. With this program I am in my den right now trying to come up with my own songs . I have gone through the e-book and found it very easy to follow and to get inspired by. Thank you very much for lighting a fire in me to worship our Lord in song. He has blessed us with a small bible study group (Inductive study of Romans) and this is just one more way to praise the creator of the universe, may God bless you and your program that all may praise HIS name,

  19. Carol Michelli says:


    I was wondering if there is any plans to add more songs to this site.

  20. James A. Brown says:

    Just wanted to thank you, Dean, for personally calling me at home to answer my questions about your online guitar program. I am an advanced guitar player but I am still able to learn helpful tips and tricks from your videos. You really make it incredibly easy to learn guitar! I can’t wait to start watching all the instuctional videos!
    Thanks again…
    James Brown–Grayling, MI

  21. Raewyn Spear says:

    Thank you so much dean, i have learned alot and it has helped we with playing, thanks again,

  22. Mike Rigel says:

    Well somehow I found Dean Palacio’s 8 free guitar lessons on Google and decided to give it a shot. I couldn’t believe how fast I learned how to play my guitar. I’ve neven been able to do anything with this thing!

    After the 8th free lesson I decided to look into the program – after all, it was only $47 and for lifetime access. Well, I’ve been at this for about 5 weeks now and I am really enjoying playing the guitar. I just purchased the Christmas guitar songs too.

    The only drawback for me was that this blog seemed to be dead – so here I am posting and hoping that someone else will benefit from my post and Dean’s lessons.

    • Hey Mike,

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I have encouraged students to keep updating this with their progress…busy times I guess. Keep me posted and press on!
      -Dean Palacio

      • Joey Kata says:

        thank you.its been a blessing to find worship music,that i can watch stop an play an stop again.an be able to try to sing along,the verry first song that i was excited to play an wait everyday for We Are Hungry.i have a chance to play in a church worship band so i’m excited but i know its going to take some time.but now i’m having a great time playing an singing an only my family can hear me
        thank you so much may God keep on blessing you richly in Christ
        your friend joey

  23. Mike Rigel says:

    Hey Dean,
    It’s been about 7 weeks since I received my first free lesson. Tonight I’ve been asked to play a set with our worship band and I get to pick the songs to lead worship at the end of this month!

    Let’s see…Unchanging, Mighty to Save, How Great is Our God…

    Wow, God is good! Thanks again, Dean, for creating this program and making it so easy to learn worship guitar.


    Oh yeah, I almost forgot – I got the Christmas songs last week and am learning them also.

  24. Ed says:

    Say, does anyone know of a site that I can go to and get video lessons on most worship songs. Or Dean, can you provide them for the following; Our God (Redman, Myrin, Tomlin, and Reeves), Song Of Hope (Seay, Johnson, Owens, Jenkins, Tjornhorn, and Hamilton), and Days of Elijah (Robin Mark)?

    Would appreciate and help ASAP. I’m a sax player learning guitar and need to get these songs under my finger by next Friday.

  25. Kevin says:

    Ok so hello all my fellow guitar brothers and sisters!
    My name is Kevin and i’m probably what you would call the Newby?!
    Just joined up today and look forward to learning worship guitar and interacting with you all. (Or Ya’all for my American brothers and sisters, he he he!) Ok later

  26. tina johnson says:

    this is amazing cant wait till payday 🙂 so I can subscribe looked at a lot of video’s and I love your teaching never played before and Im so excited about learning from your video’s God Bless You and keep using You to be a Blessing THANKYOU FOR SHARING YOUR GIFT ….I PRAY THAT GOD WILL BLESS MY PLAYING AS HE HAS YOURS SO THAT I TO CAN PRAISE HIM IN PLAYING THE GUITAR AND BE A BLESSING TO OTHERS

  27. Thank you Tina for your kind words! I will be praying the Lord be with you as you learn to Praise Him on guitar! I am always here if you need more help! -Dean

  28. Sandra says:

    Hello Dean,
    My Hubby bought your lessons for me along with a guitar for Christmas 2012. I am so jazzed to finally have straight fwd lessons and a guitar. What a praise your site has been. I am just getting back to going thru your lessons. We have a 2 month old so that says it all. My tuner got misplaced and I must be tone deaf. Where on the site is the e chord tuner you mentioned in tuning your guitar video? Thanks-Sandra

    • Hi Sandra,

      Glad to hear that you are blessed by the site! The simple online tuner is on the page of each free lesson and on the page link below.

      >>> Online Tuner <<<

      Match each of your string tones to the ones on the tuner. They should each sound the same.

      Let me know how I can help you more.

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