Christmas Guitar Chords

Finally…Discover How You Can
Play Classic Christmas Songs On Guitar Easy in Minutes…

With this great collection of ‘Easy-To-Play’
Christmas Guitar songs

Now you can learn these songs with ease using amazing new proven technique! Watch this video…

Love it or hate it, Christmas is just around the corner again…!

Most of us (including the Grinches of the world) get spiritually and emotionally moved by classic Christmas music! (C’mon admit it!)

Have you tried to learn Christmas songs on guitar only to find that you can’t play more than half of the chords? If you play SOME guitar AND you have this wonderful set of Christmas Song lessons and Christmas guitar chords, you’ll be in great demand at this time of year. Never again will you have to search and search for easy Christmas guitar songs you can play. It’s all here! No need to look further!  Play them at church, Christmas parties, Holiday family get together’s, Youth groups and any other opportunity you have to bless others with classic Christmas guitar music! Don’t put on another CD…Play and sing it live with friends and loved ones on your guitar!

Use this method of learning, you are guaranteed to learn these songs and others quick and easy. Find out how these simplified versions will get you playing in minutes! Watch the free video below to see how really easy it is with this unique method.

Available for instant download, you’ll get 9 Video Song Lessons, detailed Instructional ‘how to’ play videos and you’ll master each of these classic songs with ease! Plus you get the song/guitar chord/lyric sheets to hand around at family and friend gatherings so that everyone can sing along, audio play along track files so you can play along without watching the video to check yourself once you’ve learned them or just play them for easy listening background Christmas music!
9 timeless Christmas ‘Classics’ and popular Carols give you a nice little repertoire. Just enough to get everyone in the Christmas Sprit and celebrating the Glory of our Savior’s birth!

You also get these easy full chord charts and lyrics that match the videos so that you can learn them ‘fast’

Full Songs Sheets Included

Christmas Guitar Chords Song Sheets Included!

To learn more visit


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